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Creator God, “we ask Your protection for our youth,

they will reap what older generations have sown.

Please instil in us, the older generation, a reverence for all life….

give young people strength and courage for the journeys ahead,

Surrounding them with love.”

(Moreau’s Prayer for Youth)


 As adults, we find ourselves giving our life for others, for the younger generation.

We look at a plant, a small part of creation, is an example of giving. It is in giving that the plant grows to maturity. How wonderful it is to see the harmonious way the plant is put together. It appears so different, one from the other. The stem is different from the branches, the branches from the leaves, the leaves from the flowers and the flowers from the roots. Each part contributes to the growth and development of the other.

I believe in Team Work, working together, listening, promoting harmony, to love and give witness to the youth of a good scenario in the School. It is an education for life and education is life itself. When we have a dedicated team aiming for the same goal, to give young people strength and courage for the journeys ahead surrounding them with love, many things are able to be achieved. 

The achievements of the School do not come easy. The drive for excellence permeates deeply the school culture. The Parents’ support for the school, students’  hard work and engagement in the school, the entire staff commitment, and efforts in building a foundation of knowledge and love in every child, teaching them by example that the efforts  for growth that has been given is for their life and for all those they will serve and share. 

The educator’s prayer instills in us, a reverence for all life….giving young people strength and courage ….surrounding them with love.