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The Sisters of Holy Cross living in Saint Andre Parish, Bodhjungnagar, Agartala, Tripura from 2005 established a Sub-Parish in Barakathal Village in 2012. To extend the education for the children in the village, Holy Cross Fathers initiated a school on the Church property

in Barakathal with the cooperation of Mr.Tapan Debbarma, a local villager. The responsibility was given to him to open the School. The name given was “Salka Holy Cross School”, established in January 5, 2005, with a few students.



On January 16, 2012, the Sisters of the Holy Cross, a Catholic Congregation of Sisters, went to live in Madhudashpara, Barakathal, Tripura and began to assist the teachers in Salka Holy Cross. Besides working in this school the Sisters began to visit families and work with the youth group of the locale.


Having this experience, the Sisters were encouraged to establish their own education ministry. They purchased a piece of land for a residence, in order to facilitate the education ministry in the area. A ground-breaking ceremony took place on November 12, 2013 and school name was given from Congregation “Our Lady of Holy Cross School” by the Congregation.


The Vision

The Vision is to make education-for-life in the society available for village youth.


The Mission Statement

The Community of Sisters of the Holy Cross and faculty of Our Lady of Holy Cross School, influenced by the courage and Spirit of its founding members, who were filled with hope for a forward moving education for life for youth, educates, guides, and inspires village youth who come to share and who are open to becoming future leaders of transformation for peace with justice in their intercultural society. The school administration with the villagers and parents believes that this guidance will bring about a new way of being for them.  



In this school the administration offers opportunities for education with guidance to all the students.


The Seal of the education ministry has Two Anchors, with the word, Hope, for a new way to have life in a just society of peace. Cross

The words, Our Lady of Holy Cross School, Barakathal, are visible. The Book represents Wisdom and Knowledge. In the background is the Rising Sun, symbolizing God’s Spirit present giving Life and Light to all.



 Youth Sharing Hope and Knowledge